a chronicle of quilts - 2013

This chronicle of my 2013 quilts will give you some insight into the way I work in several series simultaneously.

Alinea, Glimpse and Leaves are the series that seemed to garner my attention this year.

I made these quilts in the order in which you see them here. I keep track of my series on a spreadsheet which helps me see how each series is growing without the distraction of pictures. You can read about that habit here.

I began the new year with a new idea. Alinea.


Alinea #1 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
16” x 29” x 1/2”

This series erupted in the middle of designing Wings #8. I minimalized my design even further and used just the gesture of a line rather than a wing element. I really enjoyed delving into this series throughout 2013 and it will be the backbone of my upcoming solo show, Kurva, at Boise State University later this month.



Alinea #2 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
31” x  34” x 1/2”

Alinea #2 began to teach me how much bigger I could create my thin white curves. Swooping cuts like this are fun  with the rotary cutter. It was juried into an exhibition, Art Quilts at the Whistler 2013: What’s My Line? in MA.



Glimpse #4 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
18” x  27” x 1/2”

The texture of this small scale series created by the 1/8th inch quilt lines is delicious, almost like a corduroy.



Rhythm and Hues #4 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
56” x  33” x 1/2”

Then I got back to working large, taking a dip in the leaves series again.



Lada #1 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
30” x  49” x 1/2”

My dissected leaf shapes found their way into a new format. I definitely need to get back to this series this year. The negative space in this design is so playful.



Glimpse #5 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
14” x  19” x 1/4”
available at the Boise Weekly Cover auction Nov 2014

This little guy is going to get some big attention soon. I’ll share more about that with you this month.



Rush Hour ©2013 Kathleen Probst
29” x  31” x 1/2”

A new orientation for my work with the Leaves series. This is the first time the shapes appear horizontally. I wish I had called them pods from the beginning.



Alinea #3
©2013 Kathleen Probst
21” x 33” x ½”
Boise Visual Chronicle Collection

I began playing with the thickness of lines in this piece. At this point I’m just starting to get my feet wet with this series. 




Little Lada ©2013 Kathleen Probst
12” x  12” x 1/4”
Private Collection

This was my 2013 donation piece for SAQA Benefit Auction. It landed in the hands of a lovely art quilter in NYC. It was neat to make this snippet of Lada. I’m over the moon for the negative space inside.

Alinea#4-Clean-550Alinea #4 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
40” x 29.5” x 1/2”

At the end of last year Alinea #4 juried into Front Range Contemporary Quilter’s Portfolio 2014 – The Best of 2013 and can now be seen in the collection of 30 quilts on the front page of the FRCQ website.



Alinea #5_clean-550

Alinea #5 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
59” x 48.5” x 1/2”

My largest Alinea yet. This one is big and bright. Should we call that color school bus yellow or mango? I’ll let you decide.




  Alinea #6
©2013 Kathleen Probst
25” x 17” x 1/2”
 Alinea #7
©2013 Kathleen Probst
25” x 17” x 1/2”

I created this pair for my first public art installation, a traffic box in Boise, Idaho. Go here for a look at the finished box. A picture of my artwork was turned into a vinyl wrap which was then applied to the traffic box. It is pretty cool to see my art outside. And Yes, Alinea #6 is almost identical to Alinea #2. I wanted to use Alinea #2 but there was a size restriction that forced me to recreate it in a smaller size.


Alinea #9 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
39” x 33” x ½”

A highlight of the year. This Alinea piece was juried into Quilts=Art=Quilts and received 2nd prize. See the other winning quilts from the show and read the comments the prize juror made about all of them here.

Leaves #6 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
25” x 17” x 1/2”
Leaves #7 ©2013 Kathleen Probst
25” x 17” x 1/2”


These peppy pieces were created for my second traffic box in Boise, Idaho. I named this installation Party of Six. It is located in front of The Modern Hotel which has gorgeous mid-century modern inspired rooms. If you come to town I highly recommend their accommodations. You could come for a studio visit! If you happen to live in the Boise area, know that you are always welcome too.


To purchase a piece simply contact me and let me know which piece you are interested in.


Thank you for joining me on my journey. Your support inspires me and makes the solitude of working in my studio rewarding. I really cherish all the comments you make on this blog , facebook, twitter and pinterest. They make my day. When you share my work and send words of encouragement it helps me know that I am on the right path.

8 comments to A Chronicle of Quilts – 2013

  • Lisa Flowers Ross

    You were very productive in 2013. It’s always good to review to see what we really did accomplish.

    • Kathleen Probst

      It surprises me when I look at the body of work all together. I have 2 more pieced together, one almost quilted and one not started but they will have a 2014 date on them.

  • Anne Munoz

    Gorgeous work, Kathleen. I’m with you – loving the negative space in Little Lada and Lada #1. I also really respond to Alinea #5 and Glimpse #5 – bright colors! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathleen Probst

      Thanks Anne! I love hearing what pieces you relate to. It was time to use some of those raspberry colors in Alinea #5. I’m glad you enjoy the bright ones! Thanks for chiming in. 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Great to see the whole year’s work at once–you had an amazing year! Can’t wait to see what you create in 2014.

    • Kathleen Probst

      It was a great year and connecting with you is part of what made it special. I am excited to see where your work goes too!

  • Colleen Kole

    What a beautiful body of work you have created! I look forward to seeing what the new year will bring for you -or what you bring to the new year. Congratulations Kathleen on a wonderful year.

    • Kathleen Probst

      Oh, thank you Colleen! I’m sure 2014 will be full of lots of new creations for both of us. 🙂