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This painting, Tilted Square by Peter Hedegaard (1929-2008), inspired me to create a group board on Pinterest, Abstract Geometric Art. I invited my artist friends that are also attracted to simplicity to join in the fun.


Peter Hedegaard, Tilted Square [yellow], 1968, screenprint, 76 x 56 cm, edition of 35

238 pins later (with the help of fabulous fellow pinners) and I found myself admiring his work again. This morning I came across this interview of his wife, Isolde Hildegaad, conducted in May 2013 by Chantal Condron, Curator, Modern & Contemporary Art, Government Art Collection.

Then I spent some of the quiet monments of my morning studying his work while sipping my tea.

I encourage you to read the entire interview. Here are two passages I found particularly interesting:

There is also a connection between the formal elements of Peter’s compositions and classical theories of art, mathematics and geometry – the most well-known being the use of the Golden Section to create a sense of harmony and proportion in painting and architecture. And of course, Peter had originally trained as an interior architect… –Isolde Hildegaard

There is something gently deceptive about Peter’s gouaches. Despite the precision of line and clearly placed forms on to paper, their overriding appeal comes from the tension they create between a calm sense of order and warm exuberant colour. This relationship results in an irresistible visual experience where colour really sings out. – Chantal Condron


Peter Hedegaard, Rectangles [green to blue], 1976, acrylic on canvas, 107 x 169 cm

I was not surprised to learn that Peter was inspired by Josef Albers.

Color mixing and color gradation are key to my current series. I’ll share more of my new work here soon, I meant to write about it this morning but Mr. Hedegaard distracted me.


Peter Hedegaard, Screen [red / green / blue], 1972, screenprint, 76 x 56 cm, edition of 25
Peter Hedegaard, Square Sequence [red / orange / purple / yellow], 1972, screenprint, 69 x 69 cm, edition of 40
Peter Hedegaard, Perspective [blue / purple / red / orange], 1972, screenprint, 76 x 56 cm, edition of 30


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2 comments to Back to Peter

  • I see you have a piece of Callum Innes’s work on your pinboard. I heard him speak a couple of years ago and really appreciate the integrity of his work.
    I’m amazed by the absence of Agnes Martin, a personal favourite, and Bridget Riley on the Abstract Geometric Art. Although mostly known for what are now referred to as her Op Art works (She began working in + w before the term was coined!) Riley also worked with flat colour to great effect.

  • Kathleen Probst

    I’m sure Callum Innes’ lecture/talk was excellent. I just recently discovered his work. I would have loved to been there to listen in.

    As far as Agnes Martin, take another look. You will find 2 of her pieces are on the Abstract Geometric Art board. They both have a circular shape. I have another of her pieces pinned on my Artists to Love board. You are right. Agnes Martin is very prominent. I simply have not run across as many pins of hers in my feed to repin and not come across her work online lately.

    Thank you for bringing up Briget Riley’s work. I am most attracted to her striped pieces. I have a Stripes board too.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!