A Break for Spring

You don’t always get what has been promised.

Sometimes you simply have to wait a wee bit longer.

In my last post I implied that I would share more pictures of my new studio. I got distracted.

Spring is flinging her good self in my face everywhere I turn. We are discovering what is growing on our new property. Here is a taste. And I will make good on my promise by sharing more shots of my studio in the next post.

I am a little nuts about these flowering Pear trees. My neighbor had one at our old house. All of my new neighbors have them here. So, right now the whole street looks like its been covered in snow.




I happen to see this one right out my studio window on the second floor.



Squee! We have Bleeding Hearts again! Lots of baby plants too. They have just begun to open.


Periwinkle at the bottom of the Flowering Pears.



Maple whirlygigs in the backyard look like they are doing tricks on the high wire.



I’ve never had Magnolias before. Can’t wait for their blooms.



Back into the studio for my next post. I swear!

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