Before and After Pictures of My DIY Studio Makeover

I can imagine potential.

This is what my studio space looked like before the previous occupants moved out. The furniture belonged to the sellers. I could picture it empty. I gazed at these pictures dreamily during the months we lived in a temporary apartment. I had become a 6th grade tween crushing on yearbook photos.

I knew 3 things:

I would definitely paint the space white. This is beige.

I would use the tallest wall for a one of my design walls.  Prior, my tallest design wall was 5 ft. This wall is 8ft tall!

The studio had a door! My previous studio in our old house was a bonus room at the top of the stairs with no door. After working directly in the middle of our temporary apartment for months, this a door would be a huge bonus.

Solitude gives solace.


At first I envisioned only using a portion of the long wall on the right for design. I considered put a small desk against the wall near the door like the one in this picture.

It was not until I had all my studio boxes crammed into the middle of the room for painting that I realized I would use THE ENTIRE LONG WALL AS A DESIGN WALL!!!! No WAY!! Yes WAY!!! Woohoo!!!! I felt like I had won a prize. My brain was so, so electrified about the potential of having a long design wall.



I wrote about how we built the design walls in a previous post.

Here is how the space looks today. I feel like I won the lottery, only better.









Miraculously the fabric on the shelf is now sorted. If the morning sun is coming in, I cover the fabric with a piece of dark fleece to prevent it from fading.

I have a little less square footage than my last studio but the pros of having these killer design walls far outweighs that loss. After working out of a kitchen, this is grand. It is also, so very peaceful. I love the brightness of the space.



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8 comments to Before and After Pictures of My DIY Studio Makeover

  • Mame Johnston

    Love your evolution and the outcome! Fabulous light in this space, as you know. Your work donning the walls makes it even more inviting!


  • Kathleen Probst

    Thank you Mame! It was worth the wait!

    You know Idaho is only a plane ride away. 😉

  • I love the transformation. White walls with bright colored artwork. It can”t get much better! And I understand the pleasure of moving from the kitchen (or in my case the end of the dining table) to a studio. Light, calm solitude, and ideas = happiness!

  • All cleaned up and ready for some new work to get started.

  • Ann Kroon

    Your studio looks fantastic and I love your work, very inspiring!

    Många hälsningar (many regards) from Stockholm, Sweden (I read you love Scandinavian design, so do I, often minimalist heaven here 🙂 )

    Ann Kroon

    • Kathleen Probst

      Thank you for your lovely comments Ann! I am indeed a huge fan of Scandinavian design. You are so lucky to live with minimalist design all around. One day I hope to visit Sweden.