Off to Learn About Color

I’m packing.

2 reds
2 blues
2 yellows
plus white and burnt sienna.

All of these supplies are for a workshop I’m taking with David Hornung, Color: A workshop for Artists and Designers. I’m Ohio bound to the Quilt Surface Design Symposium, QSDS, where about 100 attendees will take various 5 day workshops.

My awesome grant from the Alexa Rose Foundation is funding this educational adventure.

Workshop supplies


This will be a grand treat for me. 7 solo days. SEVEN! Where the only person I need to look after is myself. I’m giddy.

A highlight will be a visit to the Riffe Gallery
to take in Material Pulses: 8 Viewpoints.

I will give you a report once I’m back home. It will be a quick one because I will be gearing up for a 5 day raft trip as soon as I return. School is out and it is time for some fun! What a way to kick off summer.

I’m one happy human.

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