Right Place, Right Time - QSDS Part 2

It happened again.

Once in a great, great while I find myself proclaiming

“I am in exactly the right place, at the precisely the right time. The planet is spinning in the proper way that it should and I could not be in a more perfect place at this point in my life.”

Attending David Hornung’s Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers in June was one such occasion.

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I was in the right class,

with the right instructor

and I was about to find a tribe that I was not aware that I was searching for. So many new faces that I have a feeling I will know for years to come.

For the first time in my career, I managed to place myself in a vacuum, devoid of all daily distractions and responsibilities, for 5 straight days in order to focus all my energy on making art and strengthening my skills as an artist.

The universe was rooting for me. 


Why was this the right class?

For 5 years I have gleefully mixed my own colors and hand dyed all my fabrics. My most recent series, Organic Geometry, explores transparency. Every trail of curiosity I follow leads me back, again and again, to the Bauhaus masters, such as Albers and Itten. In this instance, I discovered a color workshop at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium (QSDS) that had roots in color theory of the very Bauhaus masters that I revere.


Instructor David Hornung

Who was this ‘right’ instructor?

Our instructor, David Hornung, an art professor at Adelphi University in New York, created a condensed curriculum to study color perception. He teaches a Color: Theory and Practice course at the Adelphi which is stretched out over 15 weeks. We had 5 days to absorb key lessons.

I drank in every single second.



I came armed with all the required supplies.



We completed a series of practical exercises, first painting color swatches and then collaging a series of small projects. The pace of the class is hard to describe. It is intense. I believe all the participants felt extremely driven to meet all of the goals set forth each day. Many of us returned at night to work. However, because David Hornung is so amiable, so approachable and so skilled at catering each student’s experience to match their own talents and learning style, we all felt inspired and driven as we painted our way, not stressed. Michael James accurately describes the course in the preface of David’s book.

“One of the many strengths of his pedagogical approach is that it is flexible enough to allow for, in fact to encourage, explorations through a broad range of visual structures. This democratic sensibility make the work comfortable for students in widely varying disciplines. The experience of color that each student engages in through the exercises documented in this course of study provides a solid grounding for professional activity in all visual fields.”

~Michael James

I highly recommend David Hornung’s book and workshop. Jump in if you want to step up your use of color.

workspace at QSDS

A rather neat moment of my work space captured. This was not typical!



A classmate’s table. It always looked this neat!

Anna Serrao Display Wall

The design wall of a classmate, Anna Serrao, a University professor who traveled all the way from Trinidad to take this workshop.

My tribe!

One of many fun evenings, when we had put our brushes down for the night. I cannot wait to connect with them all again!

A bonus tidbit for you:
If you are interested in Modernism, I’m currently reading Bauhaus Group: 6 Masters of Modernism.



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