A Unique way to Acquire Small Art Quilts

Every September the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) has an auction of 12 x 12 inch quilts.

SAQA is a gigantic organization with over 3,400 members. This year 437 artists donated quilts for the auction. I am a member and I have donated in the past. This year my plate was too full.

The proceeds help fund exhibitions, publications and education outreach.

It is an odd kind of auction. The pieces are separated into 3 groups. Each group goes up for auction for 6 days. Group 1 bidding starts tomorrow. On the first day the price is $750 per quilt. If you are the first to bid on a quilt that day, you win it for that day’s price. Each day the price drops. The last day the price is $100.

Here is the bidding guide and auction FAQ’s. 

These are a few of the quilts that I have my eye on. They may likely be auctioned at the highest price but I hope they make it into my budget range.

ba16-fricin-tba16-veltuk-t ba16-schkar-t ba16-firdia-t ba16-dunjan-t ba16-dubhea-t ba16-aiknat-tba16-woocol-t

See all 437 quilts up for auction here.


A large number of my friends have pieces in this auction. Please consider bidding on one yourself.


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