Shipped Out

Yellow Instigation is a taste of my style measuring 10 x 7 inches. I shipped it off to the traveling *SAQA trunk show on Monday.

First it will head to the SAQA conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then the show will travel in and out of the United States until 2020. That is so wierd. My older son will graduate high school in 2020. Yikes!

*SAQA = Studio Art Quilt Association

I have not entered a piece to the trunk show in the past, but a fellow SAQA member nudged me and I conjured this.


Yellow Instigation ©Kathleen Probst, 10 x 7 inches, Cotton, dye.


Yellow Instigation ©Kathleen Probst


It was a little odd because I did not have to hand sew a sleeve on the back. This piece only needed a label.


Yellow Instigation, detail ©Kathleen Probst


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