Tiptoeing Back In

I have emerged.

A winter unlike anything we’ve seen in Idaho has had us under the covers for over a month. 7 snow days tacked onto Christmas break threw me off course. 

Our election took my feet out from under me. 

I am relocating my rhythm now. 

For weeks my work has come in fits and starts. I am finally gaining traction. Wouldn’t you know that another 3″ of snow has fallen since I dropped my boys off at school. My cabin fever heart is hopeful for spring to come despite what I’m looking at out the window.

I discovered that I had not yet shared these two pieces from my Small Works series which I made last year.

They remind me to keep life simple. Email me if you are interested in adding a little zen to your life right now.

Simple Curve #4, 7 x 7 inches, $98

Falling Triangle #2, 7 x 7 inches, $98



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I’ll keep it clean, simple and uncluttered with a touch of celadon for kicks.

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