Playing Well Together

Truth be told, sometimes it is challenging to show work because in my head I’ve already outgrown that work and I’m thinking 17 steps ahead. It is not that I don’t like my previous work. I’m just excited to be working in my newest vein and I am antsy to share that voice. 

Whenever I show my work, it is a snapshot of where I’ve been and a flicker of where I’m headed.

I’m itching to have a show comprised entirely of work from my new Facet series. That is next on my agenda. It is a regular occurrence to have my brain ahead of my hands. I can’t work fast enough to keep up with my creativity. It is a good problem to have.

Simply Put, Fabric Constructions and Painted Paper Collage by Kathleen Probst
St. Luke’s Medical Center in Meridian, Idaho


Anchored, Little Landform: Lake #1, Little Landform: Island #1 by Kathleen Probst

Simply Put, a solo show by Kathleen Probst.

5 of my 19 pieces in my show last month were from my Facet series. Now I’ve moved the show to my next location, the St. Luke’s Medical Center in Meridian, Idaho, which has a different layout. It will be up for the month of May. I’ve added 4 more painted paper collage pieces  from my Facet series and included 3 pieces from Organic Geometry. I added 2 surprise visitors from my Little Landforms series. They all play well together.



If you are an artist and you would like to get excited about working in a series I invite you to take my online class, Working in a Series Launchpad Workshop. The next session begins in June. It is a springboard into working in a series. You can catch an early bird discount if you sign up by May 18th. 

more details about Kathleen’s Working in a Series Launchpad Workshop



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