My Work Before Working in a Series

Working in a series was not always my MO.

My work was all over the place. I kept trying something new.

Watermelon Jungle ©Kathleen Probst

I remember showing one of my very early pieces, Watermelon Jungle, at a Front Range Contemporary Quilters meeting when I still lived in Colorado. I did notice that the rock stars of the group were working in series. They encouraged me to do the same but I had not gone that route yet.

A short time later I moved to Idaho and eventually I began working in a series because in my gut I knew it was the right thing to do.

Working in a series was the #1 best thing I could ever do to grow as an artist.

In 2011 I participated in a high end craft show, called Wintry Market. It was the first time I had my work for sale in a booth and also one off the first times my work was grouped in one place.

Whoa! It is jarring for me to look back at it now. These are pieces from the very beginnings of my foray into art making. 

Here is the other side of that same portable design wall. You can see that I had begun to work in series. I started several of them at the same time, and you can see the whisper of my voice. 

I labeled some of the series that I began working on. You might remember some of these pieces if you started following me early on.

I get a kick out of looking back at these beginning series.

This was my Peepholes series: 



That very first Wing study on the board above began my Wings series:

My Wings series branched off into my Alinea series which morphed into my Organic Geometry series. This progression literally took me from showing my work in the local library to Quilt National to being invited to have a solo at Visions Art Museum.

Working in a series is the #1 best thing YOU can do to grow as an artist.

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2 comments to My Work Before Working in a Series

  • Marilyn Daniel

    Thank you so much for posting this, Kathleen. It always inspires me to see the early works of artists I admire. It let’s me see that everyone was once a beginner and that progression to great art is possible.

    • Kathleen Probst

      You are welcome Marilyn. It was refreshing for me to look back too. It is also interesting for me to reflect on early work and to see how my feelings about them have changed over time. I also enjoy seeing work of artists that I admire. 🙂