The Workshop that Keeps on Giving

I’m teaching

and there is a tribe waiting for you. .

My online Working in a Series Launchpad Workshop starts this week on Sept 23. It is a self-paced class so you can still join us up until Sept 30. 

What is this workshop about?

This workshop is a spring board, a launch pad, a starting point.

My goal is to provide informational and inspirational sessions that will give you more confidence to find your way working in a series.

The workshop has 2 parts:



This is a self-paced workshop where you receive 13 videos, Actionables and Takeaways. People often tell me that they feel like I am having a conversation directly with them when they watch the videos. Most members watch the videos more than once because there is so much to absorb.

First I share everything I learned from interviewing 14 fiber artists to discover how and why they began working in a series and what makes them successful today. I distilled down the interviews in my own words and shared the meaningful material. I learned new things about artists that I have known for years. It was incredibly inspiring to talk with them all.

Then, I divulge my own story (how I started working in a series and my progression) and my very geeky habits.
Lastly, I provide some tools for critique and tips to stay focused, committed and connected.

You will come away confident, inspired
and motivated to work.

This workshop creates a mindset shift that
will forever change how you think about making art.

You will also be invited to join a tribe. You will be warmly received into the Launchpad, which is our secret Facebook group, a friendly, sharing and energetic community that are all making their way in series from 4 continents. They are eager to meet you.

People that joined over the last 16 months are still there, still connecting and I will be there for you too!

We have 40 unique, ambitious, sharing members from the first 4 sessions that can become your tribe too. The Facebook group is ongoing, throughout the class and beyond. While you go through the workshop videos at your own pace, it is very supportive to have fellow session members to connect with and you can interact with members from earlier sessions.

“The Launchpad” FB group keeps on giving you support!

We encourage each other and share our continued journey by checking in with each other. It is a place to ask questions, get ideas and to share experiences and art that we are making. This is a place where people are more serious about series making.

This course is not the same as any of the other available WIS online workshops. My approach is entirely different. This is not a class to take you through the process of creating a series. There is so much to learn BEFORE you take that step. This course makes you want to dive in. It sets the stage and gets you genuinely motivated to move in a direction that is right for you.

What if I have (or have not) taken other online classes?

Some people took my workshop after taking other WIS workshops, apparently looking for something additional and they found it. Other members had never worked in a series or taken an online workshop. They all came away satisfied and each person got something different from doing the course. They all launched!

even more details here

If you have any questions, please email me!

$299 includes:
13 videos, plus Actionables, Takeaways and access to The Launchpad Facebook Group

You can sign up today (or at the very latest by Sept 30th)

The workshop officially begins on Sept 23 and you can access the material beginning on Sept 23.

Payment options:

A. Pay the entire $299 at once.
B. Pay $99 now, to reserve your spot, and 2 monthly $100 payments after that.

Email me to join and tell me which payment option you prefer and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Your tribe is waiting.

I would love you to join us!

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