About the Artist

I’m Kathleen Probst and my creative outlet revolves around simple design, dyeing fabricstitching and messing around on my computer.

Kathleen-Traffic-Box-#2Art came to me in life much like everything else. I stumbled upon it, became obsessed and fit it in with all the other plates I have spinning in my life. I am an intense, busy, talkative, idea woman.

My art is a collection of series, each which have their own set of rules. I create simple, elegant designs using rich colors to elicit an emotional response. I have a background in math (Yes, I was a high school math teacher for 6 years – don’t hold it against me) and I crave strong spatial relationships in my work. I create simplicity and balance.

Constantly I catch myself surveying my surroundings to find patterns and relationships of space. River rocks, architecture, leaves, car designs and other art, like children’s book illustrations, inspire me.

I have been focusing on my Alinea and Lada series this year. Each piece I make teaches me something new and tells me where to go next. I hand dye all my fabric in the hot Idaho summers. I am completely addicted to mixing all my own colors from scratch.

I balance my life between growing boys and creating art. I have one boy in school and one that I homeschool. We are avid whitewater rafters and skiers, so we always like to live in or near mountains.

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