Working In a Series Launchpad Workshop

an online course  – Next session will be offered in 2018

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When I step out of a conference I carry a feeling of euphoria and excitement. It puts gas in my tank. I’m fired up and inspired by what I’ve absorbed and by the new friends that I’ve made. The ideas are flowing and I am itching to fly back home to get working in my studio. That is the feeling I’ve captured with this course. Only you won’t need to hop on a plane.

This workshop is a spring board, a launch pad, a starting point.

Goal: To provide informational and inspirational sessions that will give
you more confidence to find your way working in a series (WIS).

I share personal stories, told to me by 14 successful artists, about how they began to work in series and how they work today.

You will become better equipped for jumping in and doing the work.

I tell my story, divulge my habits and teach you to use my geeky tools.

You go at your own pace.

*This is not a workshop that teaches any art making techniques.


This class is different than other WIS workshops currently available online.

I provide lots of scaffolding before you decide how to proceed with your series.

I will not be specifically teaching the design principles. They will be a part of the conversation, but not the focus.

I will not be doing live group critiques.

I will not be holding you accountable to crank out work. Although I will offer suggestions to assist you in that arena.

I feel it is key to provide you with the inside stories of effective artists. I’m blessed to be friends with many thriving artists.

Knowing how different artists think is fascinating.

Listen and learn from the stories of how 14 artists became inclined, interested and inspired to work in a series and how they work today. Their discoveries, motivation, wrong turns and good habits will give you an inside look at how thriving artists do what they do. They have similar and opposing methods of working in a series. You can take from it what speaks to you.

How is the workshop structured?

The content will be delivered as a series of videos with lessons and suggested activities that you can digest on you own, at your own pace. You can watch one a day, one a week or binge watch them all at once, like your favorite Netflix series. You get to set the pace. Many participants watch the videos over again because they are so rich.

The workshop sessions:

  • Why and how successful artists began WIS and how they work now.
    (The interviews are distilled and retold because I could not possibly fit the 10+ hours of conversations into this course!)
  • My Story, my habits, my tools
  • Examining series of other artists
  • Analyzing where you are today
  • Making a Commitment and a Plan to move forward
  • Learning to self-critique and other options
  • Staying Focused, Committed and Connected

Grab your seat and bring an open mind.

Working in a Series Springboard Workshop: $299


 Includes: 13 videos, plus Actionables and Take Aways 

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