Chronicle of Art - 2016

Take 2 minutes to view 53 artworks that took 1 year to make. After delving into a new medium, I had to rename my Chronicle this year.

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Tiptoeing Back In

I have emerged. A winter unlike anything we’ve seen in Idaho has had us under the covers for over a month. 7 snow days tacked onto Christmas break threw me off course.  Our election took my feet out from under me.  I am relocating my rhythm now. 

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New Small Works Gallery - Opens with Sale Prices

Would you like a taste of minimalism? These small works were available, and on sale, at my special exhibition in Palm Springs and during my Open Studio event last week.

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Chronicle of Quilts - 2015

Take 3 minutes to view 38 quilts that took 1 year to make.

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Last Night's Sketches

If you are a new visitor and want to keep up with my modern art please hop onto my email list. I’ll keep my updates clean, simple and uncluttered with a touch of chartruese for kicks.

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a beginning

One of my four design walls is pulling me in this direction. Alinea #10 is one of my works in progress.

Sideways Glimpse

The stitching on Glimpse #5 is complete. The texture created by close quilt lines feels a bit like corduroy and adds so much to the piece. These side images help convey this texture but nothing compares to seeing a textile piece in person. Glimpse #5 (side view) ©2013 Kathleen Probst

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