California Bound

Timing is going to San Diego and so am I.

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6th Time’s a Charm

The second voice I give to my art is with thread. I have a tall order for my quilt lines: Be original. Do NOT overpower the composition. Complement the design. Create some type of contrast.

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A Different Kind of Auction

Lada Geo #1 goes up for auction tomorrow, Monday September 28th. It is part of the annual fundraiser for SAQA, Studio Art Quilt Associates.

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A New Alinea, a New Thumb and More

I have been one bustling artist. Alinea #14 is new on the block. Notice that I opted for a darker line instead of my usual white. I plan on stitching on a facing tonight whilst I binge watch some episodes of Newsroom. Alinea #14 is one of several pieces I have been attending to.

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a chronicle of quilts - 2013

This chronicle of my 2013 quilts will give you some insight into the way I work in several series simultaneously. Alinea, Glimpse and Leaves are the series that seemed to garner my attention this year. I made these quilts in the order in which you see them here. I keep track of my series on

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Seven Day Sale - 25% Off

It is time to show you some love with my first ever discounted pricing. Treat yourself to a piece of modern art.     Sale Ended Saturday, November 2nd 

Little Lada headed for SAQA

Little Lada, 12 x 12 - SAQA Auction Piece

This is Little Lada, my SAQA benefit auction piece all finished. I added simple white lines of stitching. You can see the auction pieces already donated on pinterest. This is the first year SAQA has posted them there.

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fiddling around

It is very late to send in a SAQA auction piece but there is still time. I have been fiddling around with a few variations of my Lada elements to see if I could come up with something.

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2013 chair affair

Last night’s Chair Affair gala in Boise, Idaho was smashing.   The event actually started the day before with a series of lectures. Here you can see 3 of my artworks, Simply Fraternal, Lada #1 and Simply Fraternal Too, hanging in the background. The panel of experts that educated and entertained us were Dwaine Carver, Jordan Cappella and Amy Pence-Brown.

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Leaves in Progress

I went back to work on my Leaves #1 piece and ended up beginning Leaves #2. Both pieces are works in progress. Leaves #1 (work in progress) Leaves #2 (work in progress)   The palette for Leaves #2 is very different for me and I’m loving it. I also have a small piece with only

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