Abstract Textile Painting / Art Quilt - Alinea #14 ©2014 Kathleen Probst

Alinea #14 ©2014 Kathleen Probst 17″ x 30″

Put a piece of Finland right in your living room.

Simplicity and clean lines are a must. Snow white walls embrace precious possessions.

Wooden whitewashed floorboards. And always a fireplace to keep things cozy.

Minimalism isn’t silent. It has warmth because every chosen piece has something to say. There is no clutter.

And on the wall hangs a textile because all Finnish homes have textiles.

You don’t have to travel to find all your treasures.

With your feet up, sipping green tea and noshing on goat cheese and dill quiche, your phone beams the treasure hunt to you.

You don’t need to be on vacation to fall in love anymore.

Science tells us color has color has a direct effect on your mood. A daily dose of peace is necessary.

Simply select a textile painting to set the dial.

You don’t have to impress anyone but yourself.

Nordic design choices are made for comfort not ego.

The pieces you place in your home add meaning. They are not trophies. Together they form your nest to make memories in.

On Saturday mornings you are on a mission.

Armed with your orange tote you set out to find organic basil, yellow tomatoes and those Godfather olives at the Farmer’s market.

You buy new novels from the indie store when your sister rings to dish the latest author who just rocked her bookclub in Boston.

You still like to hold a real book.

It only fits that you would support original artists.

Original art does what repeats can’t do.

You should see layers in a home. Add your personality one piece at a time.

Don’t be predictable. Be bold.


Put your heart on the wall.

You recognize solid design when you see it. You don’t need an art degree to drop into love.

This instantaneous attraction is your voice. Listen to it. Lean into it. Put it on the wall.

You can say yes because heaven knows
you’ve been so good at saying no.

Art is a long term investment that gifts for a lifetime. When you live frugally you get to spend wisely.

That is why you got to pair the Vladmir Kagan table with the womb chair and there are no regrets. Ever.

Treat your mid-century modern furniture to some company.

Clean lines play well together.

Simple design is the common denominator between my textile designs and modern furniture.

It’s a balancing act of curves and the spaces they create.

A little bit of mod
goes a long way.

One stunning piece can define a whole room.

Strong, bold pieces command attention. That’s why your white walls are the perfect showcase

for these soft textured pieces with rich hand dyed colors.


You know when to commit.

You have successful curated many items for your home. Adding a textile painting to your home will complement your collection.

Characteristics of pieces you love echo each other. Your internal palette craves the same colors and shapes.

The soulful search for meaningful pieces for your home is never over, even after 16 years of marriage,

because your story is still unfolding.

Add a piece of Finland to your story.