4 Probing Questions for the International Blog Hop

What am I working on?

My thumb surgery in November has pushed me into working with straight lines.

This piece will become an actual bed quilt for my older son. Since I became an artist I have not made a bed quilt. Never say never. I will add a white border to make it fit his bed properly. When I shared the quilt I am making for his brother last week I said, “They will sleep under art.”

To Sleep Under Too – work in progress ©Kathleen Probst

I also just completed a little secret mission for a collector and dear friend of mine. She told me that Alinea #14 had really touched her heart,  it had a deep meaning for her personally, but it was a little out of her budget and that if I ever made a smaller version she would love to have it. I surprised her with mini Alinea #14 last week and she melted. She made me tear up too. Both Alinea #14′s will always make me think of her.

Mini_ALinea_#14_600Mini Alinea #14 ©Kathleen Probst 9″x18″

Lastly, I have been shipping out my 2015 Art Calendars and, for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been meeting up for lunch or a cuppa to deliver calendars here in town. It is so much fun to connect this way. One collector took the time to share her collection of Quilt National catalogs with me during our coffee talk.

You can still order my 2015 Art Calendar here for the New Year.


Kathleen’s 2015 Desktop Art Calendar

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I would say the combination of  simplicity and my curves is what makes my work mine. Although it appears that I maybe working without curves for the near future. I encourage you to take a look around my gallery.

Why do I do what I do?

It’s like letting the faucet in the tub run. If I stopped making art it would be like closing off the tap. The force behind the tap is always there. I think as a younger person it was present but I was unaware. Once the tap was opened it filled a part of my person in such a satisfying way that I cannot imagine turning it off.

I found my voice and I must sing.

I crave two things; to be original and to connect. As humble as I think an artist can be, there is a deep desire as a human on this planet to be accepted. One way to do that is to share my art. I deeply understand that my art is not for everyone. My hope is that my work finds its way to eyes that have been looking for it. It is like a match making of sorts.

How does my process work?

I look to my last piece and decide what direction I want to explore. What do I want to try differently from the last piece that I made? Sometimes, to keep fresh I return to the last piece of another series I have been working on. In the same way that I read multiple books at the same time, I work on many series at the same time.

One of the habits I have is writing in a log I keep for on going self critique of my art. When I first finish composing a piece, before I quilt it, I write about it. I write again after it is finished. Then, when I go back to write about the next quilt I revisit my thoughts on the prior piece or even farther back to others and write if my feelings about a piece have changed. Sometimes I have discover an insight about a series and find new ideas.

International Blog Hop

Carol Trice invited me to participate in this World Wide Blog Hop. Artists answer 4 questions and then invite others to join in. The way that it is structured, you can follow it forwards and also backtrack to see which artists came before me in the tour.

Have you heard of Carol Trice? She is also an artist working with textiles as a medium. The minimalist nature of Carol’s black and white Connections series is so appealing to me. This is her first year exhibiting and her work has been everywhere. In May, she and I will get to meet at Quilt National, such fun!

Carol Trice’s website
Carol Trice’s blog post for the International Blog Hop

Connections #2 ©Carol Trice

Next on the International Blog Hop: Melody Johnson

I started following Melody’s blog years before I began working seriously as an artist. Melody has more energy than I sometimes think is humanly possible. Her fervor is contagious. I have learned so much from following her. She is fearless.

Her quilts drew me in with her hand dyed fabrics and her amazing knack for design. Then I drank in all the rest that comes with the creative party that Melody is; knitting, sewing, painting and gardening and did I mention the Pugs? I have followed along from across the country and I hope you will too.

Please visit Melody Johnson’s website:

A Wonderment of Fireflies ©Melody Johnson


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