6 Day River Trip on the Yampa

Imagine living in a place that has no cars, no buildings, no roads, no noise, no running water, no electricity and no computer screens.

Just nature for 24/7.

That is where I have been.

Deerlodge Park campground

Nightfall at Deerlodge Park campground. The next morning we began our journey.

We took a 6 day white water rafting trip down the Yampa river. We begin in Colorado and eventually hit the confluence where the Yampa marries the Green river. We crossed the state line into Utah during the trip.

Getting off the grid entirely for days on end is my favorite way to decompress. We row the river during the day and then camp. Repeat for 6 days. Our trip covered about 70 miles of the river.


This island peninsula was the perfect place for a few of our tents and our mosquito free shelter, where many card games were played. We had 7 boats and 21 people. The age range of our group was from 5 years old to 75 years old.


Here you see a 2-man inflatable kayak and 2 rafts on flat water. I cannot share pictures of the class II-III+ rapids because I don’t have a water proof camera.

It always feels as though we are back in an ancient time, meandering through these canyon walls.




A beauty from one of our many hikes. We hiked to several waterfalls and to 2 caves.



Steamboat rock. Simply massive.


This is the first time in my life I have watched a deer swim. She swam about 50 ft across and the eddy line gave her a quick swoosh upstream when she got close to the edge. We also saw quite a few big horn sheep during our trip, coming down to get a cool drink.


Now it is time to clean up and unpack. To shop for groceries and quietly step back into our usual routine.

I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow.



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