New Small Works Gallery - Opens with Sale Prices

Would you like a taste of minimalism?

These small works were available, and on sale, at my special exhibition in Palm Springs and during my Open Studio event last week.

I created a new online gallery of Small Works with 3 series (22 small works) and I’m extended the sale to you through Oct 18, 2016.

A trio from my newest small works series, Simply Composed. ©Kathleen Probst

Orange Slice, 8 x 8 inches ©Kathleen Probst

Violet Transparency, 8 x 8 inches ©Kathleen Probst

You will also find my Glimpse series and my Lada Geo series in the new gallery.
Glimpse #25, 5 x 8 inches ©Kathleen Probst

Visit the Small Works Gallery

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