My New Crush

For 6 years fabric has been my go to medium. In the color workshop I took with David Hornung last spring I got my first taste of working with painted paper collage. It was love at first brush.



Build on It, Painted paper collage by Kathleen Probst

Some people have commented, over on my Instagram posts, that these collages look 3D. They remind me of origami or perhaps a kind of geometric sculpture. After working with curves for so long I find working with straight lines extremely refreshing.


I hand dye my fabric a few times a year, during  the warm months. I have always loved mixing colors. Now I can mix colors all year long. This time I commandeered the dining room table.
I find comfort amidst the chaos.



Paper behaves differently than fabric. In both mediums simple shapes are composed to find balance.

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Attached, Painted paper collage by Kathleen Probst

Collage has unlocked new perspectives in the design process for me.


It’s a Wrap, Painted paper collage by Kathleen Probst.





Painted paper collage by Kathleen Probst. Built on It, Attached and It’s a Wrap (left to right)




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