Geeking Out with Series

In 2016 I took some risks.

I enrolled in a workshop that introduced me to painted paper collage and I began working in a new medium. I have to smile thinking about it. I can work out compositions more quickly and experiment more easily.

I also created my first online course, Working In a Series Launchpad workshop, which has turned out to be an amazing experience. It took a lot of time to create the course. At times I felt like I was writing a book. It took away from my precious studio time but it was so incredibly worth it. 

Please note: I am offering the next session of my workshop in February. *details here*

Here is a bar graph of the work I produced over the last 6 years. I made less fiber work but I feel I grew several feet taller, creatively. The collaging stretched my mind in new ways which are beginning to show up in my fiber work.

I love looking at my studio practice through this lens. It tells a different kind of story than looking at my annual chronicle, which will be my next post, featuring images of all the work I created last year. You have to come back and see that.

This bar graph tells me about my focus on series making. It does not tell the whole picture. The size of each piece is not shared here. Although I will say, sometimes the small pieces take their own sweet time! The top 3 sections on the 2016 stack are collage. My inner geek loves adding the next bar each year. 

I also like looking back at my earlier years and thinking about the series I was working on then and how much I’ve changed over the last 6 years. 

You can cruise over to my gallery to look at some of these series:

Fabric constructions

Small Works 

Painted Paper Collage


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