New Work: Blip

My studio is buzzing.

Blip is my newest finished textile piece. I’m quite pleased with this long, narrow gem. I outsourced the quilting to Christine Perrigo of Contemporary Custom Quilting, a first for me. I designed the quilting and she executed my voice beautifully.

In my Organic Series work I am combining curved and rectangular shapes to create shifting, overlapping movement. The concept of transparency has had a hold on me and I am following that rabbit down the hole. The blip of color that appears at the top has a strong voice for it’s diminutive size.


©Kathleen Probst
Dye on Cotton
18.25 x 49.5 inches

One of my Instagram followers left a quite lovely comment about the piece:

Like haiku — a very few pieces, chosen carefully, and arranged perfectly….. So spare, so clean…..


I’m particularly fond of the grey grid which you see here, in this process shot. The mathematician inside me is Gonzo happy and doing a flip. The organic shifts of color from my dyeing process are captured and contrasted with the simple geometry of the grid.

©Kathleen Probst

I snuck another grid in too.

Blip detail ©Kathleen Probst

When I was hand stitching the facing on, to finish the edge, I looked over and noticed that I had one of my coasters next to me which features another piece, Timing. The two works are definitely close cousins in this series with almost identical palettes. Stay tuned for more about coasters in an upcoming post.


Timing $2400 and Blip $1800 ©Kathleen Probst

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