Elephants in my Dining Room

There truly are elephants in my dining room. They are quite well mannered.

With my trusted and talented friend, Lisa Flowers Ross, I stretched my newest piece on stretcher bars. I’ve been considering this presentation for some time and I’m thrilled with the result. The piece is composed of only one layer rather than my typical 3 layers that are stitched together. The result reminds me of hard edge paintings, only this is fabric.

She’s Here by Kathleen Probst in situ

I was inspired to choose my palette viewing an online video of a baby elephant with her pack, hence the name She’s Here. Typically my work is non-representational, occasionally I make an exception.

She’s Here ┬ęKathleen Probst

She’s Here
┬ęKathleen Probst
Cotton, dye.
41 x 48 inches

I have submitted She’s Here along with 6 other pieces to be considered for purchase by the city of Boise. This is the first time the city is purchasing work since their call in 2014, when they purchased my piece, Alinea #3, to add to their collection, The Boise City Chronicle. This makes me think about my art outliving me. It is quite gratifying to leave one’s mark.


work in progress ┬ęKathleen Probst


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