A Good Reason to go to the Hospital

Last Friday afternoon Lisa Flowers Ross and I installed my solo show, Simply Put, at one of our 3 local hospitals, St. Luke’s Medical Center in downtown Boise, Idaho.

all rolled up for transport

Simply Put is a display of 19 pieces, including my fiber constructions and my painted paper collage work.

Going to the hospital usually carries a somber tone, unless a baby is about to be born. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my art with the employees and visitors that walks the halls daily. My hand dyed colors have brought spring inside. I invite the locals to stop in to see my art. You can have a cup of coffee at the coffee bar or hit the cafeteria for a chocolate muffin while you are there.

Painted paper collage ©Kathleen Probst

Painted paper collage ©Kathleen Probst
Build On It, Anchored and It’s a Wrap

Alinea #15 and Alinea #12 ©Kathleen Probst

To find my show: walk past the gift shop (veer left) and follow the hallway. Just before you come to an exit and the chapel you will see a hallway on the right filled with my art. If you need help navigating, slip into the gift shop and ask for an escort.

The show will be up until April 29. Then I will move many of the pieces to a 2nd solo at St. Luke’s hospital in Meridian, Idaho. The venues differ slightly and when pieces sell they are removed from the show on the spot.


All of the pieces are available for purchase through the gift shop and you can take possession that day, you don’t have to wait until the show is over. I will hang another piece when sales occur.

Constant Change ©Kathleen Probst 

Twins ©Kathleen Probst


Most of the pieces are new pieces and on exhibit for the first time.

View ©Kathleen Probst

It is always a treat to have a local show. I hope you have enjoyed this virtual tour.

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2 comments to A Good Reason to go to the Hospital

  • Mame

    Just wonderful, Kathleen! Your work just continues to evolve and challenge you. I guess that’s what art is intended to do, right?

  • elenor

    What a wonderful exhibition and what a wonderful idea to show it in a hospital! I’m sure you bring joy to all who are working or staying there as patients.