Linda's Weekly and Daily Habits

It is so lovely that my friends, Linda McLaughlin and Lisa Flowers Ross, live close by. We had a great visit today. Linda always has a weekly and a daily project going and she brought them over to share. Lisa brought her latest Leaf Stack piece, with gorgeous greens, and I missed snapping a picture of it. I’m sure you can see a picture of it soon on Lisa’s blog.

This is Linda’s current daily project. She stitches a new section each day. She began by randomly stamping images onto the white background. 

And this is a weekly project. Linda works on one shape each week. You can also catch a glimpse of Linda’s “70 days to 70” on the floor.

There is so much to love in each section of 5 shapes. I cannot pick a favorite. The 3rd row down is all French knots!

I you want to see more of Linda’s daily and weekly projects. You can follow Linda’s sewing adventures on her blog. She posts her progress every week.

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