This Facet series is picking up speed.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve composed 3 new pieces and stitched together Gold, which I shared in my last post. Icebreaker, Corner and Gold were up on my long design wall a little over a week ago.

Fabric constructions by Kathleen Probst in progress: Icebreaker, Corner and Gold.

I finished piecing Face Your Mountains yesterday. This is a direct translation of the painted paper collage version of Face Your Mountains. The difference is the size and the palette. It is intellectually challenging to shop through my hand dyed fabrics to get the hue, saturation and value just right. It takes lots of auditioning and fiddling.

Face Your Mountains by Kathleen Probst

I have spent 6+ years working in series. When I first let go of my Organic Geometry series to focus on this Facet series I was anxious because I was not quite ready to let go. I was really thrilled with View, my last piece in Organic Geometry, yet intrigued about the new direction I was headed. Now, 2 1/2 months in, this new work has a complete grip on me and I have no reservations whatsoever.

This work is exactly what I should be doing right now. I’m on the right horse and galloping on the right path.

It is exhilarating.

I could not help but snap this pic of my scrap basket after composing the 4 Facet pieces. Only the littlest bits, that cannot go into another piece, make it in here. 



If you want to start galloping, there is still time to join the next session of my Working in a Series Launchpad workshop.

It was set to begin on Sunday June 18, but I am going to let everyone in this session begin a little sooner. As in TOMORROW!!

You can still join us! This is a self-paced online workshop, but I have found many advantages of having people go through it as a group. So, I am letting people join in until June 23 (Next Saturday) You will still be with the posse. 

If you are even a wee bit curious, you can read more details.

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I would absolutely love you to join us.
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